Spring weddings are the best because it finally becomes appropriate for us to wear something other than suits and tuxes, even with the formalist of formal weddings. But at the same time, you still have to dress up! If you need professional advice but can’t afford the professional, check out Bonobos.com and browse through their look books.

Color is the biggest advantage that your spring wardrobe has over the other seasons. You can still comfortably wear chinos, blazers and the full-fledged shirt and tie combo without sweating right through them. I think most men have a warped idea of what formal-wear entails and Bonobos helps them realize all your options.

One of the most useful tips — a navy blazer is definitely a menswear basic. It sounds repetitive because Lord knows that every single menswear publication has written something about the glory of this colored sportscoat, but truly it’s one rule worth repeating. It’s one of those fall/winter pieces that shouldn’t be packed up and hung in the back of your closet until next year. Pair it with some white or colored chinos, like is shown above, and wear it to a wedding or formal event.


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