In the late afternoon while browsing through Twitter, as I do every work day around this time, I noticed that GQ announced over Twitter the opening of the GANT online shop. As if complying with a pre-destined course of action, I followed the link to the article on ‘The GQ Eye,’ then to the online store and then found myself speed-walking to the GANT Rugger shop on Manhattan’s Bleeker Street.

I could see exactly in my head what was compelling my body towards this destination: the Caper Jacket, a waxed, light poncho with a nautical clasp. This was going to be the perfect edition to my rain attire, and as if this coincidence wasn’t fated enough, I snagged the last one. It must have been waiting for me.

GANT Rugger - The Caper Jacket - $185

Check out my review of the GANT Rugger shop at


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