Every morning I wake up (usually late and rushing to work) and put together my ensemble for the day. I always worry about what people will think of me for wearing what I wear, what kind of person I’ll come across as, or if people will give me that what-was-he-thinking? stare. But (be prepared for the cliche) I never have to worry about how I smell. Maybe this is more telling about my personality and what I enjoy than I’m willing to share at the moment, but I love the smell of CK One by Calvin Klein. It’s one of the few aromas I enjoy smelling day after day (oh! Another cliche). I usually agree with my peers and say that cliches in writing are atrocious, but One takes me into this world of cliched elegance. It’s what my dream man wears when he goes to some formal affair or night-out with the guys. It’s what I want the men around me to smell like and so I wear it to set an example.


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