TopMan, Lion Head Ring; $20

There are too many people in the world that believe a man can only wear a ring if it’s some form of wedding band. Well, to all of you who believe this, let me tell you that there is nothing more masculine than a nice skull with crystal eyes wrapped around your index finger. I for one don’t live in the safest neighborhood and wearing tons of rings has put me at ease – if I ever get jumped by some hoodlum, plenty of rings are good substitutes for brass knuckles.

TopMan, Silver Anchor Ring; $20

No, really, all jewelry is fun to wear. If anything good has come out of hipster culture, it’s the revelation that a man can still look good (if not better) with rings, bracelets and necklaces. The only criteria is that you must be conscious of what and how much you wear. For instance, you would not wear 3 rings, 2 bracelets and a couple of chains around your neck with a suit or any type of formal wear – that’s for the after parties – but you might consider 1 nice silver or titanium ring with either a watch or leather wrist band.

Finding the right pieces for you is literally a treasure hunt, which is what I love about shopping for jewelry. The best items are found off the beaten path with street vendors, vintage shops, boutiques, and not in mainstream retail stores. Although, there are the rare exceptions.

Check out some pieces from my personal collection:

(Thumb Ring) vendor on Prince Street in Manhattan for $3; (Index Ring) TopMan, $15-ish; (Middle Ring) TopMan, $15-ish; (Ring Ring) vendor at Black Ship’s Festival in Newport, RI years ago; (Pinky Ring) don’t really remember.

(Left to Right) vendor on Prince Street, $70; Tokyo, Japan; High School graduation present; Diesel; vendor on Prince Street.

(Left to Right) Tokyo, Japan;, $14.34; The Evolution Store, SoHo; Diesel; TopMan.

(Left to Right) TopMan, $40; Katharine Hamnett; childhood gift.


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