Ryan Kennedy male model

Birthday: 1987 (No Date); Buffalo, NY

Hair: Brown — Eyes: Blue

Height: 6′ 2” — Bust: 38 in — Waist: 32 in — Shoe: 10 1/2

Agencies: Wilhelmina New York (New York), Select Model Management (London), Scoop Models (Copenhagen), Bananas Models (Paris), Bravo Models (Toyko), I LOVE Models Management (Milan), Sight Management (Barcelona)

Current City: According to his 2010 interview with CoverMen Mag!, Kennedy currently resides in New York City. “I was never a city boy but after 3 years its started to grow on me,” he said. “When I leave town for work I find myself missing it which I never thought I would haha.”

Family: “I have three sisters (one older and two younger) I’m the only boy,” Kennedy told CoverMen Mag!.

Hobbies/Interests: “I’m looking to start investing in real estate. It’s something I’ve always been interested in,” according to his quote from Everything + Nothing.

Early Career: “I got started after I went to a scouting event in Rochester [NY], which is where I met my manager. He brought me to NYC, and got me signed with my first agency, IMG Models…Modeling was definitely not something that I thought I would end up doing. In fact, after I signed with my agency I decided to go to college for 2 years before I started,” according to a quote from Kennedy on Everything + Nothing.

What he’s famous for: “Louis Vuitton was the one that put me on the map. I had a few others before that but this one took me to the next level. I’m really grateful for it,” he told CoverMen Mag!.

Where You’ve Seen Him

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