I stumbled upon Rogan the same day I went to Billy Reid to pick up my Waxed Jacket. It was one of those days where I wanted to stumble through all the smaller retail boutique stores of Downtown Manhattan and Rogan was right next door. After walking up the steps and shutting the front doors behind me, the sounds of the city — the bustling cars, the honking horns, the chatting pedestrians — all stopped and I was presented with this dim lit room with a soft soundtrack playing the background. Just what I like.

Amidst the great selections of minimalist inspired clothing and traditional craftsmanship, I found this fantastic whiteout hooded scarf. It’s a combination of baby alpaca, wool, cotton and lycra, and is based on vintage knitting technology to create this natural irregularity in the fabric. Very chic, very NYC.

Retail Price: $161.25

Rogan NYC
330 Bowery
New York, NY 10003
646 827 7567


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