There have been too many people on the streets of Manhattan these past couple of days. The snow storm we got on Sunday night has left tourists stranded in the city with nothing better to do than to shop. As a result, places like SoHo are now just as packed as Time Square and Rockefeller Center. If you’re one of those people who are looking for that retail store experience without the congestion of people, may I suggest checking out the Oak NYC boutique located on Bond and Layfayatte Street.

Oak NYC is a small, 2 level store that offers high-end fashion and home decor pieces in a quiet and relaxed environment. After sorting through either the men’s wear on the left or the women’s on the right, you are greeted by a small group of personal shoppers that are there to help style you and make your shopping experience as pleasant as possible.

Despite it’s size, Oak NYC has a lot to offer from hip urban street wear to fashionable lamps, blankets and candle holders. The vibe of the clothes is this elevated hipster style (Williamsburg meets SoHo), but there is at least one piece that can be incorporated into everyone’s wardrobe for that quintessential New York, rocker edge.

Nick’s Picks from Oak NYC

*Additional location in Williamsburg


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