While browsing through a Japanese men’s fashion magazine called Leon, I came across a man-on-the-street image. This older man was wearing a suede coat with an oversized, shearling collar, grey cardigan, dark denim jeans, looking pretty cool for a man of presumably 40. What immediately made me flip to another page was his foot attire. He was wearing men’s UGG boots.

Let me start out by saying that there is no such thing as men’s UGGs. Even if they’re labeled as such, you must remember that this is just a marketing ploy in order to give the brand a broader audience. Frankly, UGGs don’t even look good on women (I mean the reason they’re called UGGs is because they’re ugly). I see the most UGG-wearing people at Penn Station near the LIRR and Jersey Transit entrances. Think about that.


8 thoughts on “Men’s UGGs: Live Above the Influence

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