Remember when the phrase “walk of shame” was first interspersed within the college community? Often times the girls who this usually referred to would be sneaking back to their dorms in button-downs, over-sized blazers and tees from the men they slept with the night before. What was created in the fashion world was this public demand for the “boyfriend style” (i.e. the borrowed from you boyfriend look). Now, it seems like the exact opposite has occurred.

Certain trademarks of women’s wear are being adapted for men. First, it was the shawl neck, then the cowl neck and Infinity Scarves (Circle Scarves), ponchos, and now capes are making the crossover.

Capes aren’t just for super heroes anymore. Worn properly, a masculine cape (yes, there’s such a thing) can create this Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde chicness; fashionable, 18th century British-inspired look. Keep in mind that the wrong cape can leave your body saggy and shapeless, which is why it’s always important to try them on. You don’t want one that’s too long and touches down to your toes – that’s essentially a blanket with a whole in the middle. The perfect cape will hit just below your knee and act more as a cloak than something from Superman.


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