South 2 West 8, $626.50

More and more women are now wearing ponchos and capes, which means I’m looking more and more for a men’s version. My hunt for an actually wearable poncho has taken me all the way to Japan, but I finally found one any man can wear proudly.

I’ve found that the 2 main things you want to keep in mind when shopping for a poncho or cape are length and pattern. You don’t want something that’s practically touching your toes – chances are that if it’s that long, then it won’t give your body much shape and will make you look like a doughboy – and you want to avoid a design that’s too much like something the Lone Ranger or Tonto would wear. This one by South 2 West 8 satisfies these qualifications perfectly.

Now, the problem becomes getting my hands on it. I believe the brand is Japanese, which makes ordering one in my size and preferred color that much more difficult.


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