As a college student suffering with the collective burden of loans, living expenses and food, I am constantly on the look for clothes that I can actually afford. Thankfully, I can get a lot of well-made, stylish men’s wear via my associate discount at the store I work at, but even then I’m on the look out.

Searching for cheap clothes is like hunting for game – when you come across a spirited deer after waiting for hours huddled in the woods, you pounce on that sucker. It’s the same with shopping.

Chinatown; New York, NY; $5

I’m absolutely obsessed with Aviators. They were the only sunglasses I wore for years until I bought my first pair of Wayfarers, but the Aviators are still my signature.

Frankly, though, I can’t afford Ray Bans, Tom Fords or any other high end designer glasses. But even if I could, I don’t know that I’d want to get a pair because I’ll just end up sitting on them or crushing them in my bag. If you’re being honest with yourself, you’d probably do or have done the same.

St. Marks Street Vendors, $6

The great thing about New York is that fashion is all around, you just have to know where to look.

The Aviators I found when I took a friend who was visiting the city to Canal street in Chinatown. Most of the shades the vendors sell are complete gaudy crap, but there are some diamonds (actually, more like polished stones) in the rough. The tortoise shell Wayfarers I also found from a street vendor and those I got for $6.

Something doesn’t have to be worth as much as college tuition to be stylish. Check out some more of my awesome finds …

Suede Oxfords

Granted this is a terrible picture of the shoe, but I bought them last year in August and they still look pretty decent.

Target, $34.99 (Now on clearance for $17.49!)

Old-School Stripe Cambridge Tie

On one of my visits back home to Rhode Island, I stopped by the J. Crew in the Providence Place Mall and lucky for me, they had a ton of sale items, of which this tie (which has been dubbed my ‘Hufflepuff’ tie by my coworker) was $9.99. It is now unfortunately back to full price : (

J. Crew, $9.99

Canvas Overnight Bag

This is surprisingly a kids bag from the Crewcuts line of J. Crew. I don’t look out of place when I bring it with me places, and it’s one of the best beach bags I’ve ever had.

J. Crew Crewcuts, $36.50

‘Beverly Hills Polo Club’ Bag

Marshall's, $34.99

Ben Sherman Weekender Bag

In actuality, this isn’t a cheap bag. Its retail value is $119, but I was able to get this for FREE. Just one of the perks about being a part of the media.

Ben Sherman, GOT IT FO' FREE!

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