Regardless of our own personal views on the military, I think most people find that the fashions coming out of it are extremely wearable and cool. I for one am on the look out for stylish military jackets now that Fall is just a couple of months away. The one’s that catch my attention the most are the Sergeant Pepper look-a-likes. I have dubbed them as the Toy Soldier Jacket.

The first time I saw this new breed of military jacket was with the D&G Fall 2009 runway show. It was this show with its Elizabethan-vibe men’s wear that birthed my fetish for military inspired apparel. Now, I go crazy over everything from marching band jackets to Sergeant Pepper ones.

Ever since I finished watching the show, I’ve been in search of fashionable military jackets for myself. Surprisingly, they were insanely hard to find, but I found them.

Phix Clothing: $94;
Express: $168;
Indochino: $299;
Top Man: $140

And here are some pieces I’ve already gotten my hands on …

Phix Clothing, $78;

Here’s another view …

H&M, $80

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