The Hill-Side, Chambray Scarf: $94

Chambray is a lightweight, plain weave cotton cloth that has the look of denim, but feels like soft linen. It’s the statement of the season and is rivaling plaid for the must have look.

A chambray button down takes you back to the classic American, “Every-Man” sort of guy from the era of industrial work wear. Even now, however, designers are straying from the basic shirt and broadening the fabric’s horizons, like with the creation of this chambray scarf.

How to Wear Chambray

One of my biggest and newly created pet peeves, however, is when I see someone wearing a chambray shirt with jeans. Because the the fabrics look almost identical, they need to kept far apart from each other. I’ve seen a few designers pairing the two together and some even go as far as matching jeans with an actual denim shirt. But I say NO! It makes you look like you’re doing the whole “Texas Tuxedo” thing, and nobody wants that. Not even Texas.

J. Crew: $98,

Pair a chambray button down, like the one shown above, with khaki or stone colored chinos. Try some white jeans with it, too – just not blue jeans. And don’t forget to roll up those cuffs. It’s always good to show off some ankle.

As far as the top portion of the outfit goes, there are a number of ways to style it. You’d be surprised at how much you can do with a chambray shirt. If it’s a light enough color, like a soft grey or blue, throw on a navy cardigan and wrap a reddish plaid tie around your neck. Have fun with it. If you want to wear it with a suit, go for it. Matching the sophistication of a classic suit with the industrial feel of the chambray makes for a cool summer barbecue or summer wedding feel – if you’re the guest.

Check out even more ways to style a chambray shirt at

J. Crew: $83,
Ralph Lauren: $169.99,
Urban Outfitters: $24/each,
Top Man: $72,

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