I went back home this holiday weekend to Rhode Island away from the hustle and bustle of Manhattan. It’s great being surrounded by nature, and no, Central Park does not count. City parks don’t even compare to the clean air and quiet solitude you get from being in the woods.

Another great thing is that you get to actually put your outdoorsy clothes to good use. The best kind of clothes, in my opinion at least, are the ones that can seamlessly transfer from the streets of New York to the hiking trails of Rhode Island … or something like that.

A favorite outdoorsy staple of mine is the rugged boot, and even still I have my favorites of that. I’ve recently stumbled across the Pampa Hi Suede Boots from Palladium Boots while browsing through GQ.com. The flexible, rubber sole makes them great for navigating through rugged terrain and the suede material makes them incredibly stylish. Not to mention they’re insanely affordable.

However, if your the kind of person that doesn’t really give two-cents about how much you have to spend on clothes or footwear, go for any of the Red Wing boots. My two obsessions are the Rugged Classic Boots and the Classic Irish Setter Boots and both can be purchased through J. Crew stores. The soft, white sole of the Irish Setter offers Traction Tred making it perfect for walking on pavement, and the Rugged Classic is better for hiking.

Now, if you’re looking for something waterproof while still keeping with the great outdoors look, go for some version of the Bean Boot from L. L. Bean. I know you may be thinking to yourself, “L. L. Bean? Are you serious?” Yes, I am serious. The brand seems to fly under most people’s radar, but there are definite diamonds in the rough. The 10” Duck Boot is one of those jewels.

Stay tuned for another post on Outdoorsy Apparel, but in the mean time…. GET OUTSIDE AND DO SOMETHING. I don’t care what it is – kayaking, biking, swimming, whatever – just get outdoors. That’s what the summer is for after all.


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