It’s insanely hard to find cute clothes for kids. Whether you have a daughter, son, niece, or nephew, you constantly find yourself in a conundrum when it comes to shopping for back to school clothes or what have you. Am I right?

Fortunately, the lovely designers of J. Crew have made everyone’s lives just a little bit easier. Accompanying its prestigious line of adult clothing is an equally exceptional collection for little boys and girls (i.e. Crewcuts).

Let me just point out one thing before I continue – Crewcuts is for children and nobody else. Even though you size XXS, hipster men out there and you size 00 women think that because you’re so small you deserve to wear children’s clothing. No! Despite the astonishing feat of fitting your body inside a size 12 or 14 childrens, Crewcuts is made for children and the proportions will make your body look incredibly ridiculous.

That being said, J. Crew’s kids edition will make everyone “Oooh” and “Aaah” over the little boys strolling into school with their Italian, chino suiting jacket or their miniature Jack Purcell sneakers.

If you are having difficulty picking out something for that special little boy in your life, check out this gallery. Sorry girls, but my blog’s focus is on clothes for the testosterone oriented. You have plenty of other sites to browse through.


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